J.T. Hubbell

Born in Mesa and raised in Chandler, J.T. has always had a deep connection to Arizona. With the exception of two years spent in Tennessee during college, it is where he has always lived. J.T. grew up playing sports, then eventually found a love for music. (Today he still continues to play music professionally part-time.) After high school, J.T. attended Arizona State University on scholarship, while also taking classes at several local community colleges. He studied History, Music Business, then Business Studies.

First spending a few years in the fields of medical imaging, food service, then cable communications, in 2009 J.T. began his career in real estate. It was a relatively easy move due to his long appreciation for Arizona property and his family’s connection to the business. In addition to his mother being a long-time agent (then eventually starting her own brokerage), two of his grandparents, Charles P. Morriss and Jal Morriss, were also very influential Arizona brokers. Despite the obvious challenges of beginning a career in during a major market crash, J.T. feels very much at home in the real estate world and now considers the timing of his career move to be a blessing, as it really forced him to learn the ins and outs of the profession.

J.T. is a multi-year Million Dollar Producer and enjoys working with a wide variety of sellers and buyers. As with any Dana Hubbell Group agent, J.T. can also help with ANY real estate need. If he doesn’t handle a certain specialty, he has an associate who does!

J.T. lives in Chandler with his wife Cody Lynn, daughter Preslyn Daisy, and two dogs Chico and Lyric.

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